Thursday, January 30, 2014

Working title: "Orion and the 3 Little Gnomes"
by Rhonda Paglia
Illustrated by Ratna Kusuma Halim
A "Grammy Pags Story"

Grammy Pags Stories

Here is a fun little teaser for all of you followers of Grammy Pags Stories!!! The NAMES have been chosen for the 3 little gnomes. I'm so excited!!!! My amazingly talented illustrator is Ratna Kusuma Halim. She is a mom of 2 sweet girls and brilliant artist from Indonesia! Several of you who contributed names for our "Name the Gnome" contest have won the Naming Contest and will receive a free children's book when it is ready!! 
I'll keep you posted. 
Love to you all!! "Grammy Pags" of Rhonda Paglia's Grammy "Pags" Stories

Book Reviews from Readers

Hi Everyone - Here are a couple of book reviews I wanted to share.  The first one is from The Little Lambs and the Very Special Mission the others are for Doonsey's Beach Adventure, the Great Rescue.  Our winter has been VERY cold here in Pennsylvania, so Doonsey's book brings us a little sunshine!  

Love to you all!  "Grammy Pags" of Grammy Pags Stories

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gnome Naming Contest