Sunday, August 30, 2015

Farewell to Summer Giveaway & More about Woozlers!

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And - for those of you who are 
fans of the "Meeda and Me" picture book series for kids, here's a little more Woozler background!

" Watch out for Woozlers!" says Sofia Margaret and Meeda.  "We know about this stuff!  We have a Woozler in our backyard!"

1.  Woozlers eat with their hands and play with their food!  DON'T EVER feed your Woozler spaghetti or chocolate ~ or you'll be sorry!  

2.  Woozlers hang spaghetti on their nose and twirl it around like a lasso! They don’t know how to use a fork and spoon.  Do NOT give your Woozler chocolate!!  If you do, they will get you in really BIG TROUBLE!!

3.  Woozlers are NOT careful.  They don’t use two hands when they are drinking milk or juice!  They spill a lot of stuff and make great big messes!

4.  Woozlers NEVER put away their toys - they just leave stuff out!

5.  Woozlers like to play in the dirt!  They are good diggers.  They especially like to bury things, like treasure and gold.

Check out more about Woozlers in the "Meeda and Me" series!
Written and Illustrated by Rhonda Paglia ~ of Grammy Pags Stories