Monday, September 22, 2014

An interview with Duke, the red beagle, and Rescue Road Warrior!

Rescue Road Warrior, Duke, the red beagle

Duke 'n' Matt,
Rescue Road Warriors

by Rhonda Paglia

An interview with Duke, 

the red beagle!

Grammy Pags: Hi Duke!  Thanks for doing this special interview.  First, what kind of dog are you?
Duke:  I'm a red beagle.

Grammy Pags:   How old are you?
Duke: I turned 9 years old on April 16.  

Grammy Pags:  When were you adopted?
Duke: I was adopted in 2009 by Matt Pi.

Grammy Pags:  How did you and Matt meet each other?
Duke: There were 52 beagles available at a Club Pet Adoption event.   It was May 1, 2009 on the day I met Matt.  He thought he picked me, but I really picked him.  

Grammy Pags:   Where were you living before you were adopted?
Duke:  I lived in a safe shelter at Club Pet Adoption.  It's located in Transfer, Pennsylvania.  

Grammy Pags:   Why were you in a shelter? 
Duke: My sister, Daisy and I, were adopted by a nice family, but we were taken back to Club Pet because our family lost their business and could no longer afford to take care of us.

Grammy Pags:   Wow, that's really sad.  I'm so sorry.  So what was it like living in the shelter?
Duke: It was pretty crowded and chaotic living at the shelter. I lived with 3 or 4 other beagles in the same kennel, so I had a little bit of a problem with guarding my food and treats. Fortunately, the people at Club Pet Adoption are very loving.  They took good care of me. They also taught me how not to be so grumpy and possessive. Matt and I come back to visit as often as we can.

Grammy Pags:   How did it feel when your sister, Daisy, was adopted and you ended up back in the shelter?
Duke: I didn't understand why Daisy was leaving and I had to stay there. I felt sad, I really missed her, but now she's in a good home and so am I. 

Grammy Pags:   Can you tell us about Club Pet?
Duke: Club Pet is out in the country.  A very nice lady named Dianna runs it. When we visit, she gives me lots of hugs and kisses. There are lots of dogs there, but most of them are different dogs from when I was there. All of the dogs I shared a kennel with were adopted. 

Grammy Pags:  I wrote a story about you titled, "Duke 'n' Matt, Rescue Road Warriors."  What is it like to have a story written about you?
Duke: It's a great feeling to have a story written about me. I especially like the parts that tell about the other dogs we help rescue. I want everyone to know that there are lots of dogs and other animals who are very loving and deserving and who would love more than anything in the world to be adopted into a happy home. It makes me feel happy that we are helping other dogs. I remember what it was like needing to be rescued.

Grammy Pags:   What do you want to say to people who are thinking about getting a pet.
Duke: For people who are thinking about getting a pet, please think about adopting. There are many, many animals who need a home. Matt and I have transported almost 200 so far, and that's just us! We have lots of Rescue Road Warrior friends who have transported hundreds of dogs - all who needed a home.  If you read my story, check out page 17.  It's my page about the Do's and Don'ts of pet adoption.  You will learn a lot!

Grammy Pags: Thanks for sharing your story, Duke!  You are a very special dog, and you are helping kids and families learn a lot about pet rescue and pet adoption.  Hugs from Grammy Pags!!

Duke:  Thanks Grammy Pags!  And thank you for writing a story about me so kids, families, and just everyone, can learn about the Rescue Road Warriors and about pet adoption.  Big slobbery kisses back!! <3 Duke

From author, Rhonda Paglia

Author Rhonda Paglia
and her dog, Bella [who is not
a puppy mill dog.]

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