Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A fun NEW title from: GRAMMY PAGS STORIES!

A little like Dr. Seuss's "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"
this book, "Grammy's Rockin' Color Rap-a-licious Rap ~ Teaching Kids Colors" 
has a rockin' / rhymin' beat that kids will love!!

What others are saying: "a charming and fun rhyming book about colors" 
"readers will find themselves engaged in the pictures" 
"be prepared for many giggles from your little ones"

Boom Shee-boom-boom! Boom Shee-boom-boom! And so begins a rollicking and 
enjoyable preschool/early elementary rap on learning the concept of colors. The strong beat 
of the rap will appeal to children and will motivate them to learn in an lighthearted manner. 
The visuals echo the fun! The adorable digital illustrations use vivid bright colors with 
white backgrounds to focus readers' attention.

As an elementary Speech Language Pathologist, I will use this book with my normal 
neuro-developing children, those on the autism spectrum, those with intellectual disabilities, 
and those with other learning disabilities. Research has shown that music-based learning 
strengthens and builds connections with content areas. The use of rap motivates 
otherwise uninterested students who have difficulties grasping concepts. It is a 
catalyst for students to think, learn, and recall concepts.

Following the rap are fun-filled worksheets to strengthen the connections made. 
An added benefit for sure!

Silly Grammy is at it again! 
This time she’s teaching kids colors to 
a "Rockin’ Color RAP-a-licious Rap." 

Kids can clap and stomp their feet, 
to a boom-shee-boom-boom, rockin’ beat! 
Go Grammy, go Grammy, go Grammy, GO!! 

Author Rhonda Paglia

Meeda and Me series for kids

Rhonda Paglia, also known as “Grammy Pags,” is a “Mom’s Choice Award Recipient” for her “Meeda and Me” Easy Reader, Picture Book Series for Kids.

Illustrator Nicole Resele
First time illustrator, Nicole Resele has created captivating characters that kids are going to love in "Grammy's Rockin' Color Rap-a-licious Rap ~ Teaching Kids Colors!"

From Author, Rhonda Paglia:  "Nikki has added great detail, thought, and personality into each illustration.  Her creativity, sense of humor, and her heart, come sparkling through her characters!  They might remind some of Dr. Seuss's darling book, "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish."  I am just over the moon delighted and I think kids are going to LOVE this book - just because of Nikki!!" 

 "Grammy's Rockin' Color Rap-a-licious Rap ~ Teaching Kids Colors" includes 6 enrichment and extended learning activity pages! 

From the Author

This fun, funny little rhyme / rap book was inspired by Tyler, a little boy with autism. He was having a difficult time learning his colors, so I wrote this book for him, hoping the association of sound, pictures, rhythm, and words would help.  Working on "Grammy's Rockin' Rap-a-licious Rap ~ Teaching Kids Colors" with illustrator, Nicole Resele, was such a joy. A long time ago, Nicole ~ "Nikki" ~ was one of my sweet little 4th grade students.  Now, she's a teacher and recently earned her masters degree. I would never have imagined (when she was in my 4th grade class) that someday I would have the privledge of working with her on a project like this.  Nikki has added great detail, thought, and personality to each illustration. Her creativity, her sense of humor, and her heart come sparkling through and might remind some of Dr. Seuss's darling book, "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish."  I am just over the moon delighted with the end results, and I think kids are going to LOVE this book - just because of Nikki!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

NEW!! Easy Reader Edition of "Three Little Gnomes" RECEIVES AWARD!

Hi Everyone!!
For the Easy Reader version of:  
"Three Little Gnomes"
 received an "INKSPOKE"
Select Books Award

IMAGINE you are a little gnome. You live and work in Grammy's beautiful garden. You have lots of happy friends and neighbors.  One day you realize . . . you don't have a name. You scurry around the garden looking for the answer. No luck!  What would you do?  How would you feel? Who would you ask for help?  Find out how three adorable gnomes solve this gnome-sized problem . . . and make a new best friend.

Edition #2
40 pages and 30 colorful illustrations

REVIEWS coming in!! 
"A darling story!"
"Must add to any little one’s library collection." 
"Pictures are breathtaking and the color pallet of the illustrations is just right."
"Another fun and imagination-provoking story."
"The story holds their interest, and the illustrations are charming." 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

FREE THIS WEEK! Book #2: "The Woozler" - of the "Meeda and Me" Early Reader Picture Book Series for Kids

Sofie and Meeda are best buddies. Meeda lives in Sofie's mirror, but sometimes she comes out! 

The grumpy Woozler lives in their backyard. He doesn’t like people and worst of all, someone stole his treasure map. 

The girls want to help the Woozler! Will he become their new best friend? 

"The Woozler" ~ Book #2 ~ "Meeda and Me" picture book series includes “Look Back in the Book” activities. for kids ages 3 - 9.

The "Meeda and Me" early reader picture book series has earned the prestigious "Mom's Choice Award" for excellence.  

Available at:  http://www.rhondapagliaauthor.com/

Book #2 ~ "The Woozler" ~ What others are saying:

READERS' FAVORITE - 5-Star Review by Emily-Jane Hills Orford 

Sofia Margaret is a charming little girl with a secret friend, Meeda. The two girls are like twins, only Meeda lives in Sofia Margaret's mirror. The two girls love to do the same things. They love to play and explore and even bake chocolate chip cookies.  The Woozler is a grumpy creature who lives under a tree in their backyard. Sofie and Meeda want to reach out to Woozler and try to be his friend.  Rhonda L. Paglia has written another delightful book in the Meeda and Me series for young readers. Children enter this world without prejudice. They don't judge and label as the adult world does. This book is about acceptance and friendship, something about which we all need a gentle reminder from time to time. Well done.

Format: Kindle Edition

I downloaded this book about two weeks after reading a profile about the author.
I started reading this at bedtime for my 8 and 5 year old the other night. My
daughter grabbed the tablet half way through reading this story as she felt I
wasn't reading it fast enough.  It's a charming story with fun characters that
children will find captivating and entertaining. There's a wonderful lesson
about sharing and caring that's weaved into the fabric of the story amidst the
shenanigans taking place.  Definitely a worthy addition to your loved ones library.

By Rhonda Patton on May 12, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition 
My son is 5 and already he is wanting to hear the story over and 
over. I would recommend this story for any child boy or girl.

We loved this book and wanted to read it over and over again. 
The illustrations were so engaging and made us laugh!

For signed copies:  grammypags1@gmail.com

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