Monday, April 25, 2016

FREE #kidlit for Kindle: Three Little Gnomes - LAST DAY

Three Little Gnomes and a Boy Named Orion
by Rhonda Paglia 
(A Grammy Pags Story)
Illustrated by Ratna Kusuma Halim
Recipient of 2015 Inkspoke Select Book Award
Three Little Gnomes ~FREE for KINDLE April 25 - 29

Link for Free kindle version

Reviews are GREATLY appreciated!  Thank you!!

INSPOKE AWARD: Review: "There are things that sometimes only the wee ones can see and I suspect often this is the case with gnomes and fairy folk. Gnomes, as author Rhonda Paglia tells us, are afraid of Big People. So, one day, when three little gnomes suddenly come upon an existential problem (apparently they do not have names) and needed help, it is not Grammy and Papa (the owners of the garden where they lived) that they approach but a little boy named Orion who sometimes visited and played there. And naming gnomes apparently is something that an imaginative, kind-hearted little boy can do very well! The tale is delightful, an absolute charm, and it provides a glimpse not only into that wider, magical world that children can see (and often we cannot) but of the important work and magic that they do as they play. The illustrations in the book of the gnomes, garden friends and Orion are darling and elicit the pure wonder of Grammy and Papa's garden and the secret world that lies beyond the bend of a leaf. Kudos to the author and illustrator for their ability to see what Orion sees and for being able to share that with us so beautifully. It's a book that is a pure pleasure to read." ~ Inkspokes

Book #2 - this fall:  Three Little Gnomes and the Garden Thief 
by Rhonda Paglia and Illustrated by Ratna Kusuma Halim!  Here's a little peek.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day 2016 - TREES for the EARTH

For 22 Reasons to Love Trees details - check out

The National Arbor Day Foundation: 10 free trees with a $10 membership: 

Love from Grammy Pags Stories for Kids - Tree Lover - Tree Hugger! 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Giveaway from Grammy Pags Stories for Kids

April 9 - 16, 2016

CLICK here to enter!

This is Grammy Pags first Amazon giveaway.  The winner will receive a PRINT verison of "The Woozler!" (Book #2 in the "Meeda and Me" series.)  

Click here for a chance to win.

  • 6" x 9" book
  • full color illustrations
  • 32 pages -  easy reader
  • Extra:  activity pages in the back of the book

The Woozler ~ Synopsis:  

Sofie and Meeda are best buddies. The grumpy Woozler has moved into their backyard and he doesn’t like people! Worst of all, someone has stolen his treasure map. The girls want to help! Will the Woozler become their new friend? An early reader story with “Look Back in the Book” activities.  

The first three books in the "Meeda and Me" series, including The Woozler, have received a "Mom's Choice for Excellence" Award.

"Meeda and Me" Series = Friendship and Kindness:  
In this series, Sofia Margaret and Meeda want to befriend the human-like Woozler that has moved into their yard.  In each book, they make a little more progress until "Trouble with Chocolate!"  That old Woozler gets the girls in BIG trouble and they learn an important lesson - NO chocolate for Woozlers!!  Watch for more books in this easy reader series for kids!

Book #1 - "Meeda and Me" - $0.99 for Kindle. 
Book #2 - Kindle match book-  The Woozler - $0.99
Book #3 - Merry Christmas, Woozler - FREE with Kindle Unlimited
Book #4 - Trouble with Chocolate - FREE with Kindle Unlimited

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Children's Book Week Giveaway - 3 Winners Announced!!

Hi - I'm Rhonda Paglia, also known as "Grammy Pags."  I write, and sometimes illustrate, stories for kids. I'm delighted to participate in this year's Children's Book Week Giveaway Hop.  

Three winners may choose which "Grammy Pags Story" they would like to receive. 
Winners may choose one of the books listed above.
For more information, please visit my webiste:  Grammy Pags Stories for Kids
The WINNERS of Grammy Pags GIVEAWAY will receive a signed copy of
"Three Little Gnomes and a Boy Named Orion"
~ recipient of a 2015 Inkspoke Select Book Award
~ OR one of the "Grammy Pags Stories" as seen above.
Enter below!  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check out these authors and their GIVEAWAYS!  Have fun!!

Love from Grammy Pags Stories for Kids

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Oh look . . . it's our little hero, Doonsey ~ and a PEEK at Book #2 ~ DOONSEY RETURNS!

Doonsey and Soferton reunite at the beach!

SUMMER = vacation
And BEACH means . . . 
Doonsey . . .
our little beach hero! 

Watch for Book #2 ~ 
Summer - 2016

Hi Everyone ~ It's Grammy Pags.

I love to write stories!  When a story pops into my head, it usually comes out on paper fairly quickly. However, my biggest problem is creating the illustrations because I'm NOT a professional artist. I'm an "Untrained Grammy Artist,", but my drawings are simple, kid-friendly, and have lots of color.
Book #1
Doonsey's Beach Adventure, the Great Rescue

I don't own a drawing pad.  All I have is my computer and my computer mouse to create the shapes I need for my illustrations, then I layer them.  Each book I illustrate means I have clicked my mouse millions of times to create my drawings. My pictures aren't perfect, but I do my best.   I think that's what counts!! 

Currently, I'm working on Book #2 - Doonsey Returns.  The story is written and has passed the "grandkid's test."  They love it!!  Yay!!  So that gives me hope - hope that kids who loved Book #1, Doonsey's Beach Adventure, the Great Rescue, will also love Doonsey's new story, Doonsey's Return.  

In book #2, Doonsey, our lovable, unassuming, ocean crab, reunites with his friend Soferton. The "Beach Buddies" also make an appearance.  In book #2, Doonsey again finds himself in the right place at the right time.  All I can tell you is that our little superhero, Doonsey, doesn't fail us in Doonsey Returns!

So here's a mini preview and peek at Doonsey's new adventure: Doonsey's Return!  
I will keep you posted on my progress!
Love from Grammy Pags

P. P. S. Just for fun, here's the little video trailer I made for Book #1:
Doonsey's Beach Adventure, the Great Rescue
Enjoy!! Love Grammy Pags

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Grammy Pags Stories for Kids - April update #1

Grammy Pags with
literacy coach
Mrs. Davis - we're in
Meeda's Mirror!!
Meeda and Me
Check out Grammy's BANANA SLIPPERS!
Grammy's got LOTs going on!

Author visit ~ Lowellville Elementary School

Link to "Grammy Pags Stories for Kids!"

Author visit on March 23, 2016 with the Lowellville Elementary School kids was AWESOME!!  Here are a few pics and a link to the memory book I made for them!  We had so much fun!
Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Yon, and support teacher Stephanie -
Lowellville Elementary Library!  LOOK!!  There's Sofia Margaret
Meeda, and the WOOZLER!!!
The Woozler

Sofia Margaret, Meeda, and the Woozler were
EVERYWHERE at Lowellville Elementary School!!!
The students' favorite book in the "Meeda
and Me" series was
Trouble with Chocolate!!
Oh, that racally Woozler!!

We're rockin' and rollin' to
"Grammy's Rockin' Color Rap-a-licious Rap 
~ teaching kids colors!"
Link to "Grammy's Rockin' Color Rap-a-licious Rap
 ~ Teaching Kids Colors"
Grammy's doin' the "Color Rap!" - 
with the Lowellville Elementary School Rock BAND!! Great FUN!!!

Link to "Grammy's Rockin' Color Rap-a-licious Rap ~ Teaching Kids Colors

The students' renditions of  ~ the Woozler!!
Grammy LOVED their art work!! Oh that Woozler!
The Woozler

I created a memory book for the kids with their artwork
and prompt responses.  Here's the link if you want to check 
out the fun!  Hard copies are available!!

Love - Grammy Pags

PS - I have lots more to share - stay tuned!!