Monday, March 30, 2015

An interview with "Meeda" of the "Meeda and Me" picture book series

Meeda coming out of her mirror.
"Meeda and Me" - Book #1
"The Woozler" - "Meeda and Me" - Book #2

Hi Meeda, Thanks for doing this interview.  

So what’s it like living in Sofie’s mirror?
Meeda:  It’s great!  I LOVE living there!  My house is HUGE – it has 100 floors!  I have dogs and cats and lots of bunnies in my yard.  There’s a swing set with 11 swings and a sliding board that I can ride up AND down!   

Do you have a family? 
Meeda:  Yes.  I have a Mom and a Dad and a little brother who gets in my stuff, just like Sofie.  My brother's name is Chip. We call him Chipperdoodle or Chocolate Chip! I also have a cat AND a dog!  Sofie just has a cat. 

Do you have a Woozler in your mirror? Oh no, silly!  Woozler’s don’t live in mirrors!  They mostly live in the woods.  Except the Woozler that lives in Sofie’s backyard, well, he moved into the hole under her apple tree.  Sometimes Sofie and I take him treats.  We want to be his friend.  
The Woozler hiding under
his pink blanket.
He’s pretty grumpy and he DOESN’T like people, but we’re still trying to be his friend.  We think he’s shy.

How do you come out of the mirror? 
Meeda:   I have very special secret powers.  I can step in and out of my mirror anytime I want.  It’s fun.  I have two houses – Sofie’s and mine. 

What do you like to do for fun? 
Meeda:  I love to read books and I like to learn things.  Do you know there is an animal called the Bumblebee Bat and another one called the Pink Fairy Armadillo?  I can’t wait to teach Sofie about them.  Pink is Sofie’s favorite color and she loves fairies, so the Pink Fairy Armadillo might be her next favorite animal!!  I also like to sing and dance and do art projects, and work on math problems, of course.  I’m teaching Sofie her numbers and how to skip count.  She’s a really fast learner. 

I hear that the Woozler got you and Sofie in big trouble.  Do you have anything to say about this?   
Meeda:  Well, like I said, we want the Woozler to be our friend.  We know how much he LOVES chocolate, so we left some chocolate treats out by his tree.  Well, he ate those treats and just about everything else he could find too!  He got us in BIG trouble.  I ran back in my mirror because I don’t like to get into trouble, so Sofie had to help clean up the mess.  Yuck! She got a time out.  It wasn’t fun – that old Woozler!

Do you have anything else to say about Sofie or the Woozler? 
Sofie and Meeda
Meeda:  Yes!  I love Sofie.  She’s my best friend.  Sofie is like my little sister!   And everyone should watch out for Woozlers!  If there’s one in YOUR backyard - don’t give him chocolate or you’ll be sorry!

Do you and Sofie have any plans for the summer? 
Meeda:  Yes, first we're going to try to train the Woozler.  Then, we’re going to try to help him find his treasure map AND his treasure.  If we do, we’ll tell you in our next two stories, "How to Train your Woozler without getting in Trouble," and “Treasure Hunt!”

Well, thanks for talking with us today, Meeda. 
Meeda:  !!srelzooW rof tuo hctaw tsuj – emcolew er’uoy

What?  What does that mean?   

Meeda:  Ha, ha – it’s mirror talk!!  It means “You’re welcome - just watch out for Woozlers!!” Bye!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

FREE for Kindle June 3-5 - "The Little Lambs and the Very Special Mission"

Free for Kindle for 3 days: June 3 - 5.  

What others are saying:

on February 22, 2015
I found this book to be a beautiful story, 
and believe one cannot help but be touched by it. 
I highly recommend it for children who have 
experienced the trauma associated with loss. 
It is a very sensitive story, respectfully written, 
with careful consideration by the author. Good 
book to be shared, as a family.

By Mark Weidler on March 25, 2014
Format: Paperback
This book exhibits that even in the worst of circumstances one can find a silver lining. Parents, siblings, friends of those lost in tragedy can find some peace knowing that, perhaps, their lost loved ones are making this world a better place. What a blessing this book is. A true gift from God. The author and illustrator have obviously had the same vision. A job well done.

Format: Paperback
This book is for anyone who has suffered a personal loss over tragic circumstances. It will inspire you and help you to overcome your grief and to try to move on in your loved one's memory. It's especially helpful in explaining a tragedy to small children . . .that God is always with them and that things will be okay. The illustrations are exceptional and quite beautiful too! You will be quite happy with your purchase.

From the Author, Rhonda Paglia:

This story came to me during my prayers for the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  I was compelled to write and draw what I saw to the best of my ability.  With illustration help from 14-year-old, Taylor Galaska, we brought this loving, little story to life.  We hope our readers will be touched by the sweetness of this little story.  We also hope that if we all follow the Little Lambs' BE-messages, the world will become a better place for everyone.  ‪#‎healing‬ ‪#‎love #kindness  ‪#‎scholarship‬

Please note: all profits from the sale of this book are contributed to the "Angels in Charge" Scholarship. Thank you so much for your support. 
Rhonda with co-illustrator, student, Taylor Galaska
For kids:  

Friday, March 20, 2015

An Interview with Sofie of the "Meeda and Me" series for kids!

Sofie and Meeda with Spidermonk and the Woozler

Link to:  "Meeda and Me" 

picture book series

Hi Sofie, Thanks for doing this interview.  So what do you like to do for fun? 
Sofie:  I love to read books.  I’m learning how to read.  I like to sing and dance and do art
projects. I also like to explore and hunt for treasure!  And I like math!  Meeda taught me how to count by 10’s.

Who is Meeda?    
Sofie:  Meeda’s my BEST friend.  We were born and the same day.  She’s like my big sister.  She lives in my mirror, but sometimes she comes out.

Can you tell us a little more about Meeda? 
Sofie:  Meeda likes everything that I like.  She’s also VERY smart.  She teaches me math and helps me ride my bike and write my letters.  We are trying to make friends with the Woozler.

Who’s the Woozler? 
Sofie:  The Woozler is a Woozler! He’s grouchy and doesn’t like people.  He lives in our backyard under the apple tree.  He sleeps all day and plays all night.  He’s shy.  Meeda and I really want to be his friend. 

Do you ever visit the Woozler? 
Sofie:  Meeda and I knock on his door sometimes, but he says, “Go away!”  We’ve given him some special treats, so we think he’s getting nicer.  Except, the other day, he got us in BIG - no HUGE - trouble with chocolate!  Meeda and I won’t try that idea again!

Can you tell us what happened?   
Sofie:  Meeda and I got this great idea because we want the Woozler to like us.  We left him some chocolate treats, because we know he LOVES chocolate!  We found out that sometimes, great ideas don’t work out!  Meeda said, “That old Woozler is like a math problem!  Woozler + Chocolate  =  Great BIG Trouble!!! 

Do you have anything else to say about Meeda or the Woozler? 
Sofie:  Yes!  If you have a Woozler in YOUR backyard - don’t give him chocolate!  You’ll get in big trouble and get a time out!  

Do you want to tell kids anything else about yourself? 
Sofie:  I LOVE PINK.  My favorite stuffed animal is Spidermonk.  I love him!  I want to be an artist when I grow up.  I love art!  Or, maybe I’ll be a singer and play the air violin.

Well, thanks for the Woozler and chocolate warning, Sofie, and thanks for sharing with us today. 
Sofie:  You’re welcome - just watch out for Woozlers!!