Thursday, April 16, 2015

NEW release 4-kids - Trouble with Chocolate - You just can't trust a WOOZLER!

Join the FUN!!!
Sofia Margaret and her best friend, Meeda, just want the grumpy Woozler to be their friend. The girls hatch a clever plan to win his friendship with chocolate treats!!  
They soon discover: Woozler + Chocolate = more trouble than they ever imagined!!  

Trouble with Chocolate is Book #4 in the "Meeda and Me" series for kids by children's author, Rhonda Paglia!!  She received the prestigious "Mom's Choice Silver Award" for excellence for Books #1, #2 and #3 in the series.

The "Meeda and Me" series is appropriate for boys and girls, ages 3 - 10, reading level, grades 1  - 3, includes "Look Back in the Book" activities.  

Book # 1:  Meeda and Me ~ an early reader book introducing Sofia Margaret (Sofie) and her very special, best friend, Meeda.
Book #2:  The Woozler ~ the grumpy Woozler is introduced.  Sofie and Meeda make their first attempt at becoming his friend.
Book #3:  Merry Christmas, Woozler ~ Sofie and Meeda make sure the Woozler has a very special Christmas without expecting anything in return.
Book #4:  Trouble with Chocolate ~ Still trying to befriend the Woozler, the girls discover that sometimes great ideas aren't so great.  Sometimes great ideas can get kids in GREAT BIG TROUBLE!