Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Duke 'n' Matt, Rescue Road Warriors - Nonfiction for kids and pet lovers!

Duke 'n' Matt, Rescue Road Warriors

#NEW - Nonfiction: for kids & families

LOVE pets?  Want to be part of the pet rescue family?

Prefer to adopt-a-dog?  This book is for you!!

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Synopsis:  Duke, a friendly red beagle, was rescued by Matt in 2009. Now Duke and Matt are a team.  They volunteer to help transport rescue dogs from puppy mills and other places around the United States.  They are RESCUE ROAD WARRIORS! Duke and Matt set out with many other volunteers to drive their canine "passengers" to safe shelters, foster homes, and adoptive families.  Kids will meet Duke ‘n’ Matt, learn what it's like to be a Rescue Road Warrior, and find out why these volunteers help rescue dogs and puppies in this new Grammy Pags Story. Learning and activity pages included.

"Duke 'n' Matt, Rescue Road Warrior" is a REAL-LIFE story kids are going to love!  Kids will learn about rescue dogs, what it's like to be a Rescue Road Warrior, and how these modern-day heroes help dogs in need get to their new adoptive homes and safe shelters.  This book has special learning pages, key vocabulary words and definitions, a map page, and questions for kids to answer. 

For kids 3+, reading level grades 2 - 4.  For more information and updates, check out:  Grammy Pags Stories.

"Duke n' Matt ~ Rescue Road Warriors," is Rhonda Paglia "Grammy Pags" fifth children’s book and is curently available from Amazon - soft cover and Kindle. 

Rhonda Paglia is a children's author, a retired elementary teacher, and a "not so retired" grandmother from Pennsylvania. "Grammy Pags," as she is called, is the author of 5 published children's books.  

"The Little Lambs and the Very Special Mission" was her first children's book to be released to the public. This story came to her during her prayers for the children, teachers, and familes after the tragedy at Sandy Hook.  This gentle, sweet story is dedicated to the children and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School and offers the hope that the world will become a better place.  All the profits from the sale of this book go to the "Angels in Charge" Scholarship Award for students graduating from Newtown High School who meet the requirements and are planning a career in education.  

"Doonsey's Beach Adventure, the Great Rescue" and "Doonsey's Beach Adventure, the Great Rescue, Coloring and Activity Book":  Doonsey is a little ocean crab that loves to explore.  His quiet exploring day becomes a great rescue day in the fun adventure about a beach crab with a big heart.

"Three Little Gnomes and a Boy Named Orion," is available in both soft cover and for Kindle. Three little gnomes live, work, and play in Grammy's garden.  One day they discover they have a big problem. They ask for help, and end up making a new friend.

"Duke n' Matt ~ Rescue Road Warriors," Grammy's 5th children's book, is available from Amazon - in soft cover and for Kindle. Families considering a purchasing or adopting a pet should read this nonfiction book!