Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"Three Little Gnomes & a Boy Named Orion" now on Kindle - $2.99 ON SALE!

"Three Little Gnomes & a Boy Named Orion"

reduced to $2.99 - limited offer
Three Little Gnomes book for Kindle

Written by Rhonda "Grammy Pags" Paglia

Illustrated by
Ratna Kusuma Halim

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SYNOPSIS:  IMAGINE you are a little gnome. You live and work in Grammy's beautiful garden. You have lots of happy friends and neighbors. Then one day you realize . . . you don't have a name. You scurry around the garden looking for the answer. No luck! What would you do? How would you feel? Who would you ask for help? Find out how three adorable gnomes solve this gnome-sized problem . . . and make a new best friend.


·       I loved this book and can't wait to read it to my granddaughter. Love the illustrations, very colorful that will keep the attention of a child. The story is cute and makes you almost believe that these little Gnomes probably do exist in our gardens.  Also this book includes a Great recipe for Droppin' Time Stew, must read the book to appreciate! ~  J. Johnson

·         I would like to learn the "Honey, Honey Dance"! This book makes me smile and want to share it with others. The name dilemma has a perfect ending. Wormy and Mrs. Ladybug are special. The illustrations are captivating. I will enjoy reading this book over and over again.  ~ Marcia B. Moyer

·         Ms. Paglia has created a sweet tale about 3 little gnomes that live in Grammy and Papa's garden. Charming illustrations show the gnomes' daily activities when they are not on guard in the garden. The gnomes ask Orion, the little boy, for help in giving them perfectly fitted names. What a precious gift Ms. Paglia has created for Orion, her grandson, and for other young readers to cherish.  ~ C.L. Murphy

·         Creative, imaginative and full of interesting and vivid illustrations, all that is needed to captivate a young audience. I highly recommend this reading to all your little ones. ~ Lady Di

·         Tucked into this beautifully illustrated book is a recipe for a delicious stew and a tale that stirs the young reader's imagination. An ordinary garden at Grammy and Papas' has a secret world with fanciful characters that need the help of their grandchild. Grammy cooks up all the ingredients to make a dish to share with young and old. The story treats the reader to a sweet tale to enjoy. I can't wait to read this with our grandchildren!  ~ R. Kairys

Book signing with the REAL Orion!
Rhonda Paglia is a children's author, a retired elementary teacher, and a "not so retired" grandmother from Pennsylvania. "Grammy Pags," as she is called, is the author of 4 children's books.  "Three Little Gnomes and a Boy Named Orion,"  her current release, is available in both soft cover and now on Kindle. 

Other books by Rhonda Paglia: 

"The Little Lambs and the Very Special Mission" was her first children's book to be released to the public. This story came to her during her prayers for the children, teachers, and familes after the tragedy at Sandy Hook.  This gentle, sweet story is dedicated to the children and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School and offers the hope that the world will become a better place.  All the profits from the sale of this book go to the "Angels in Charge" Scholarship Award for students graduating from Newtown High School who meet the requirements and are planning a career in education.  

"Doonsey's Beach Adventure, the Great Rescue"  and "Doonsey's Beach Adventure, the Great Rescue, Coloring and Activity Book."  Doonsey is a little ocean crab that loves to explore.  His quiet exploring day becomes a great rescue day in the fun little adventure about a beach crab with a big heart.

Her fifth children’s book, "Duke n' Matt ~ Rescue Road Warriors," will be available at the end of July 2014.

All of Grammy Pags Stories are appropriate for kids 2+, reading level grades 2 - 3

"Duke n' Matt ~ Rescue Road Warriors" - Grammy Pags Story!