Sunday, April 3, 2016

Oh look . . . it's our little hero, Doonsey ~ and a PEEK at Book #2 ~ DOONSEY RETURNS!

Doonsey and Soferton reunite at the beach!

SUMMER = vacation
And BEACH means . . . 
Doonsey . . .
our little beach hero! 

Watch for Book #2 ~ 
Summer - 2016

Hi Everyone ~ It's Grammy Pags.

I love to write stories!  When a story pops into my head, it usually comes out on paper fairly quickly. However, my biggest problem is creating the illustrations because I'm NOT a professional artist. I'm an "Untrained Grammy Artist,", but my drawings are simple, kid-friendly, and have lots of color.
Book #1
Doonsey's Beach Adventure, the Great Rescue

I don't own a drawing pad.  All I have is my computer and my computer mouse to create the shapes I need for my illustrations, then I layer them.  Each book I illustrate means I have clicked my mouse millions of times to create my drawings. My pictures aren't perfect, but I do my best.   I think that's what counts!! 

Currently, I'm working on Book #2 - Doonsey Returns.  The story is written and has passed the "grandkid's test."  They love it!!  Yay!!  So that gives me hope - hope that kids who loved Book #1, Doonsey's Beach Adventure, the Great Rescue, will also love Doonsey's new story, Doonsey's Return.  

In book #2, Doonsey, our lovable, unassuming, ocean crab, reunites with his friend Soferton. The "Beach Buddies" also make an appearance.  In book #2, Doonsey again finds himself in the right place at the right time.  All I can tell you is that our little superhero, Doonsey, doesn't fail us in Doonsey Returns!

So here's a mini preview and peek at Doonsey's new adventure: Doonsey's Return!  
I will keep you posted on my progress!
Love from Grammy Pags

P. P. S. Just for fun, here's the little video trailer I made for Book #1:
Doonsey's Beach Adventure, the Great Rescue
Enjoy!! Love Grammy Pags