Monday, November 11, 2013

A special book for those who have lost a loved one

Do you know someone who has suffered the loss of a loved one?  Is it difficult to explain death and loss to children?  This loving little spiritual book brings hope and love in the midst of loss, and offers hope for the world.

The little lambs are called by God who needs them for a very special mission.  The little lambs agree and are scooped up to heaven by their guardian angels.  

The little lambs help God who wants to remind the people of Earth how much he loves them.

Appropriate for all ages. Elementary school reading level.  Lots of colorful pictures.

  • Love is the message of this book. The love of God for His children, little, big, young and old. Beautifully written and illustrated. - Madge T.
  • This is an inspiring and touching book that I read to my children and use in therapy to help grieving children. It offers hope in the most difficult of situations and reminds us to have faith. We are not alone! Thank you to the author for writing this beautiful story! - Jessica L.

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