Monday, December 2, 2013

Come on! Let's explore the beach with Doonsey!!

Doonsey’s Beach Adventure, 
the Great Rescue
and the companion
Doonsey’s Beach Adventure
Coloring and Activity Book

Written and illustrated by Rhonda Paglia

Available from CreateSpace:

Story Synopsis:  Doonsey is a happy, friendly little crab who lives on the ocean floor.  He LOVES to go exploring!  One day Doonsey decides to explore the beach. His calm, peaceful day at the beach suddenly becomes a very busy Great Rescue Day.  Doonsey becomes a hero and makes some very unusual, but very special new friends - The Beach Buddies!

Special add-ons:  A matching page, a two page spread for children to create their own Beach Buddies, and Knock-Knock jokes. The companion Coloring and Activity Book tells a shortened version of the story in black and white pages to color.  There are also pages with matching, puzzles, more Knock-Knock jokes, additional information about the Beach Buddies, and space for creativity.

Topics:  #beach & ocean   #exploring & adventure    #family & friends    #imagination & play  #creativity 

48 colorful pages
Reading level grades 2- 3
For kids 3+  - and for the kid in all of us!