Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm a Reader, Not a Writer's "Self-Publish Sunday" with children's author, Rhonda Paglia

So excited to be the first children's book author to be featured on I'm a Reader, Not a Writer's "Self-Publish Sunday."  Thank you Deborah McKnight!!

Here's the link:  I'm a Reader, Not a Writer - Self-Publish Sunday with Rhonda Paglia
Some of the illustrations were not available on my computer, so I am re-publishing them here.

The Little Lambs playing in the field. 

The Lambs listening to the God
who is asking for their help.
The Lambs going to Heaven escorted
by the Angels in Charge.
If we all choose to follow the Little Lambs "Be Messages,"
the world will become a better place for everyone!!

Doonsey's Beach Adventure, back & front cover

Pages 1 & 2
Doonsey running back down the beach.
From Doonsey's Activity and Coloring Book
Doonsey rescues Soferton who is trapped in the sand,
then off they go to rescue her friends, the Beach Buddies!