Thursday, October 30, 2014

My entry for the Halloweensie Contest

Whooo is under that blanket?
by Grammy Pags
This is my entry for the Halloweensie Contest.  Requirements:  100 words or less and include the words "pumpkin, creak, and broomstick!"  Fun!!

Scary Night!

By Rhonda Paglia 
A Grammy Pags Story

Ghouls and monsters, goblins too,
Witches cackle, ghosts go BOO!

Creaking doors and squeaking mice,
Hooting owls, I heard them twice!

On a broomstick, old witch rides,
Zipping past the moon she glides!
I hurry home!  I slam the door!
I shut my eyes! I can't take more!

But what is this, I smell, then spy?
It's apple cider and pumpkin pie.
I wrap my blanket 'round me tight,
Still shaking from this scary night.

OUTSIDE my door on Halloween,
Are the spookiest things I've ever seen!
On Halloween INSIDE my door,
Please pass the pie . . .
I'd like some more.