Saturday, January 31, 2015

Goodreads #Kidlit Giveaway 1 more day! "Meeda and Me" - Mom's Choice Awards!

Hi Everyone - I'm excited about 2 things!!

#1 - The Meeda and Me" series just received the prestigious "Mom's Choice Silver Award" for excellence!!  Yippee!!

#2 - I'm so excited about my Goodreads Book Giveaway.  Though it's not reflected in the offer, I will be giving away 2 sets of all 3 books in the "Meeda and Me" series.  Link to the Giveaway here and below.  1 MORE DAY - Giveaway ends at midnight, February 24!!

Meeda and Me Series - Book Summaries:
Written and Illustrated by Rhonda Paglia

[Book #1]  Meeda and Me 
Sofia Margaret and Meeda are NOT twins or sisters, but they were born on the same day.  They look exactly alike and they love the same things.  Kids will discover at the end of this book that Meeda is Sofie's imaginary friend. Meeda lives in Sofie's mirror, and sometimes she comes out. 

[Book #2] The Woozler
The human-like Woozler lives in a hole under Sofie and Meeda's apple tree.  He grumbles and doesn't like people.  Worst of all, someone stole his treasure map.  The girls want to help!  They don't know anything about his treasure map, but they want to be his friend.  They come up with a plan to give him a special treasure, even though he doesn't say "Thank you."

[Book #3] Merry Christmas, Woozler
Sofie and Meeda are excited about Christmas!  They are having fun until Sofie starts thinking about the Woozler.  It's cold outside, the snow is falling, and Sofie's worried.  They want to be friends with the Woozler, so they devise a plan to bring the Woozler a little Christmas cheer!

Due Spring 2015: [Book #4 ] Trouble with Chocolate! 
More than anything, Sofie and Meeda want the grumpy Woozler to be their friend.  He doesn't like people, but he LOVES chocolate.  While the girls are practicing their math and eating chocolate, they come up with a plan to win the Woozler’s friendship.  They soon discover that some ideas aren't so great, and sometimes, even chocolate can get you into a heap of trouble!

Due 2015: [Book #5] Treasure Hunt!  [NOTE: Working title]
Sofie and Meeda enlist the help of their cousin and the hunt is on for the Woozler's treasure map AND his special, secret, Woozler treasure!  

Additional information:
Age level: 3 - 10
Reading level: grades 1-3
Pages: 24 - 32
Extra - All "Meeda and Me" series book have special ~ "Look Back in the Book" activities for kids

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Giveaway ENDS tomorrow, February 24!  Don't miss out!

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Merry Christmas, Woozler by Rhonda Paglia

Merry Christmas, Woozler

by Rhonda Paglia

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