Friday, July 22, 2016

Love Giveaways? It's a Rafflecopter #kidlit #Giveaway!

Love Giveaways? It's a Rafflecopter Giveaway

Thanks everyone for participating in my first ever Rafflecopter giveaway.  Winners listed below!!  <3 Grammy Pags
Woozler w Mom s Choice seal
Hi Everyone!
I love writing stories for kids - and I love giveaways! I'm running a RAFFLECOPTER Giveaway from July 19 - 27, 2016 and giving away 3 COPIES of The Woozler,** Book 2 in the Meeda and Me beginner reader series.
Here's the Synopsis: Sofie and Meeda are best buddies. A Woozler has moved into their backyard. This woozler grumbles and doesn't like people. Worst of all, someone stole his treasure map! The girls want to help! Will the Woozler become their new friend? Will he find his treasure map?
If you want to enter - click below. You may enter once a day if you like! Good luck and watch out for WOOZLERS in YOUR backyard!!
The Meeda and Me Series are beginnning readers with "Look Back in the Book" activities.
Happy Reading!! Love from Grammy Pags

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