Sunday, March 23, 2014

Learning to Read - Tip #2 from Rhonda Paglia "Grammy Pags Stories"

Author, Rhonda "Grammy Pags" Paglia
with 3 of her 5 grandchildren,
reading "Doonsey's Beach Adventure,
the Great Rescue"
Learning to Read
Tip #2 
Grammy Pags

Most kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to draw pictures - at any age. Here is how to develop an early interest in reading through art.

#1 - Encourage your kids or grandkids to draw - and draw a lot without pressure for perfection.  It doesn't matter what the picture looks like.  In fact, draw together!!  Get the creative juices flowing. Just have a fun, social time with your child.

#2 - When the drawing is finished, ASK ABOUT THEIR WORK   SAY: "Please, tell me about your picture."

#3 - NEXT - Here is YOUR job:  
  • Write down EXACTLY what your child tells you.
  • PRINT the words - right on their paper - usually at the bottom of the page if there is room, or on the back. On the front is best because It will look like a caption under a picture.

# 4 - READ the words back to your child, SLOWLY, pointing at each word.
# 5 - READ IT AGAIN - pointing at each word. The 3rd read through, have your child read with you.  [Kids get so excited when their words are written down.]
#6 - DISPLAY THIS STORY - on their wall, on the frig, somewhere for everyone to see and read.  Make a big deal out of it.  Read it again and encourage your child to read it too.  
#7 - Go back to step #1 and repeat often.

Why do this?  
  • kids will start to make the connection: "their talk" can be written down.  They can "see" their words. This is a really cool concept for kids.
  • their words and thoughts are important to someone else - YOU!
  • this is a fun way to get kids interested in reading - and later, writing.
  • these are your child's first stories!!  Make a collection. Put them in a little scrapbook.  This is their personal "storybook that they can "read" or have read to them whenever they want.  [You have no idea how often kids want to "read their stories" to you and others.]
Have fun!!  It works and you will be amazed!
Love from Rhonda "Grammy Pags" Paglia