Thursday, March 13, 2014

Learning to Read - Tip #1 - from children' author, Rhonda Paglia of "Grammy Pags Stories"

Author & Grandmother, Rhonda Paglia
reading "Doonsey's Beach Adventure,
the Great Rescue"
to 3 of her 5 grandchildren.
Learning to Read 
Tip #1 
from Grammy Pags

As a mom, grandmother, and teacher, I love to teach reading.  Here are a few ideas I used when teaching my children and young students to read:

1. When teaching the letters of the alphabet, teach the sounds as well.
Letter  B -“bah” – ball – bird – boy – “bah – bah – bah”
Letter T – “ti” – toy – turtle – tick-tock - “ti – ti – ti”

Letter F – “fff” – fish – funny – farmer - “fff - fff - fff”

2. NOW – ADD ONE MORE COMPONENT:  This is fun!  Try this little activity.  Hold your hand or finger or fingers in front of your mouth about 2” – 3” away.  When you say the letter B – “bah” or T – “ti” or F – “fff” – you can feel the breath on your hand.  Young kids get so excited, because now they can see, hear, and feel the letter!!

3. SEE the letter, SAY the letter, and now FEEL the letter!!  What could be more fun?  Try saying and feeling the sound 2 - 3 times before and after the word you are practicing. Using more senses helps young learners make the connection between the letter and the sound, which later on, will lead to . . . early recognition of letters, sounds, and reading.  

HOMEWORK FROM GRAMMY:  How many letters of the alphabet can you “feel” with your breath? 

Try it and have fun!! 
Love, Rhonda “Grammy Pags Stories” Paglia

Rhonda Paglia is a retired elementary teacher from Hermitage, PA. 
She is the author of 3 children’s books with her 4th book to a 2014 release.