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Grammy Pags and Friends are sharing Turkey Tales!!! Today~Tale #1

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Family, turkey, pilgrims, John, Priscilla, Indian, stuffing, pumpkin, pie, yams, green beans, parades, love,
tofurkey, laughter, stuffing, feast, memories, cooking, cranberries, gobble, kids, bountiful, harvest, blessings, grateful, parade, football, glutton, nap, compost, leftovers, dish-washing, cleanup, warmth, gravy, crisp, sweet, savory, moist, center pieces, don't eat me! I stuff the turkey, then the turkey stuffs me, burp, fluffy mashed potatoes, seconds. volunteer soup kitchen, snow, November, sweet kitchen smells

First guest Turkey Tale Teller:  
Rosie Russell ofBooks by Rose ~ author of 

Farmer Tofurkey knew when he bought his farm, raising turkey’s was just something he knew he could never do. He loved everything about them, their bright colored feathers, their wattle red skin that hung from their long necks, and their keen vision with a 360 degree field of view.

He set them all free years ago and really never knew what happened to all of them except a few that he secretly visited. Their names were John and Priscilla Feathers. They lived in a tiny little cabin, deep in the woods. Mr. and Mrs. Feathers had love for their home and their pleasant surroundings. In the month of November, they counted their blessings and felt grateful, as they knew they had escaped the city from the all the folks that were a glutton for the taste of them. And they didn't miss the yearly parade with the band playing repeatedly “I stuff the turkey, then the turkey stuff me!” followed by a loud burp!! They never understood how anyone could partake in such activities!

They did have their own celebration every year but only with the bountiful harvest of foods that came from the nature around them. Every year, John and Priscilla would cook up a feast in their tiny kitchen with all of their favorites: savory stuffing with gravy, crisp green beans, fluffy mashed potatoes, cranberries, and moist pumpkin pie. With the smells of their dinner in the air, they would all chant with laughter and gobble “don’t eat me!”

As Mrs. Feathers was putting the centerpieces on the table she peeked in on the kids in the living room. Little Tom, was sitting in his favorite chair, piled with blankets, reading all of his cherished books about pilgrims and of course, a book about his favorite Indian, Hiawatha. Sweet baby Yam Yams was sound to sleep napping in her playpen. The picture of this, would bring her warmth for her family and in her heart for years to come.

After dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Feathers always worked together with the clean-up. John would throw the peelings in the compost as Priscilla would do the dish washing. They knew within seconds, Farmer Tofurkey would be by to collect their leftovers to take to the Volunteer Soup Kitchen as he did every year.

With the snow falling lightly, they all snuggled up watching football. They never did find out if the Seattle Seahawks won the game or not, they had all dosed off for a nap.

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