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Grammy Pags Tall Turkey Tale! Tale #2

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Here they are: "Family, turkey, pilgrims, John, Priscilla, Indian, stuffing, pumpkin, pie, yams, green beans, parades, napping, tofurkey, love, laughter, stuffing, feast, memories, cooking, cranberries, gobble, kids, bountiful, harvest, blessings, grateful, parade, football, glutton, nap, compost, leftovers, dish-washing, cleanup, warmth, gravy, crisp, sweet, savory, moist, center pieces, don't eat me, I stuff the turkey, then the turkey stuffs me, burp, fluffy mashed potatoes, seconds. volunteer soup kitchen, snow, November , sweet, kitchen, smells."  

Written and Illustrated by Rhonda Paglia
A Grammy Pags Story ~ just for fun!
c. 2104

Thanksgiving today:  I stuff the turkey, then the turkey stuffs me!! BURP!!!!
 But, perhaps the first Thanksgiving started like this . . . 

“GOBBLE, gobble, gobble!” 

“What was that?” wondered Mrs. Pricilla John.  She was cooking green beans, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pies.  Savory smells were coming from her kitchen.

It was November.  Snow had not yet begun to fly.  Laughter filled Pricilla’s ears.  Her kids were having a pilgrim and Indian parade.  Pricilla was so grateful for these memories, for her family, and for their blessings

“GOBBLE, gobble, gobble!”  

She heard the noise again. This time it was louder, closer!   “I’m hearing things,” thought Pricilla and she went back to her work.

The parade ended.  The kids started kicking the ball.  Football, they called it.  Mr. John, known as Papa, felt like a glutton.  The compost was waiting, but he just wanted to relax and take a nap.   He was glad the kids were outside.

Pricilla added marshmallows to the yams and stirred the gravy. She made fluffy mashed potatoes.

“Something’s missing for this feast,” she said to herself.  “I need something special; something crisp, sweet, warm, and moist.   Hmm, what should it be?”

 “Not me!” whispered the Gobbler.  His knobby knees were shaking and quaking with fear! 

Suddenly a package flew in the kitchen window and landed with a crash in the sink!  Dishes that needed washed and cleaned up flew in the air!   
“What’s this?”  Pricilla jumped, she was startled!  She picked up the dripping blob, turned it over, and wiped it off.  She peeked out the window.  Her kids were still playing.  Nothing seemed unusual. 

Pricilla carefully opened the package.  She was a little nervous!  Not too many packages landed in her sink! Inside was something white.  The label read, “Tofurkey.  Vegetarian product.  Made only with the finest organic soybeans and tofu.”

She took a sniff.  Not much to it.  “Beans,” she thought.   “Edible.”  Pricilla had an idea!  “This is it!” she said, “our main course!!” 

“Thank you,” she called to the mysterious package thrower. 

“Gobble, gobble, good!” thought the Gobbler.  

He shut his eyes and leaned tight against the cabin wall!

He heard Pricilla whack the tofurkey with great vigor!  His heart beat faster.  He heard the stuff sizzle in her frying pan.  He could smell the stuffing and cranberries and flavors mixing together.  

Don’t eat me!” he thought.

Pricilla set the table and straightened the centerpiece. “Come and get it!” she called to her family.  “It’s a special feast!  No seconds or leftovers for the volunteer soup kitchen this night!”   

Papa John and the kids raced into the kitchen!  Delicious smells were everywhere.  The family gave thanks for their bountiful harvest.   “What a Thanksgiving Day!” said Papa.  “I think we should celebrate every year!”  And so it was!

“Gobble, gobble, PHEW!”  

Mr. Turkey  backed slowly into the woods, safe for another year.  

Rhonda Paglia ~Grammy Pags
with her 5 grandchildren:
Sofie, Sylvan, Caleb,
Orion, and Rowan
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Rhonda Paglia is a children's author, a retired elementary teacher, and a "not so retired" grandmother from Pennsylvania. She and her husband have three grown children, five grandchildren, and a little Yorkie-poo named Bella.  "Grammy Pags," as she is called, enjoys gardening, tap dancing, yoga, playing the recorder, reading, and, of course, writing stories – especially for her grandkids!

Rhonda is the author of “The Little Lambs and the Very Special Mission,” “Three Little Gnomes and a Boy Named Orion,” “Doonsey’s Beach Adventure, the Great Rescue,” and “Duke ‘n’ Matt, Rescue Road Warriors,” her first non-fiction book.

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