Saturday, October 31, 2015

Any little trick or treaters still up? Here's The Woozler's Halloween

The Woozler’s Halloween
By Rhonda Paglia 
for Sofie

Frankincense is a woozler.  He doesn’t like people and he has no friends.  He lives by himself in a dark hole under a creaky old apple tree. 

It’s Halloween.  Frankincense DOES like Halloween. 

He carved his pumpkin and set it outside.  He put a candle in it.  The pumpkin’s face lit up!  Frankincense smiled, just a little bit!  

He decided to sweep the leaves off his path.  Maybe this year, he would get some trick-or-treaters.

The little woozler looked for his broomstick.  He made it all by himself.  But where was it?

He looked in his closet.  It wasn’t there.  He looked under his pink blanket.  It wasn’t there. 
He went outside and looked around.  Not there either!

Frankincense went outside.  “Whoooo took my broomstick?” he called, but no one answered. 

He looked up at the sky.  “WHO - TOOK - MY - BROOMSTICK?” he shouted.
Again, nothing!

Suddenly, the little woozler saw a witch.  It was flying across the moon – on a broomstick!

That looks like MY broomstick, thought Frankincense.

Owly wanted to be a witch for Halloween.  He looked all over the forest for a broomstick, but couldn’t find one.   As he flew past the creaky old apple tree, he spotted a broomstick lying on the ground.  It belonged to that grumpy woozler, Frankincense. Owly flew down to the ground.  No one was around, so he TOOK IT!  He didn’t even ask Frankincense! 

Frankincense watched the witch flying around.   The witch had feathery wings and a stubby tail.  It had great big eyes and little pointy ears. 

It’s Owly! thought Frankincense.  Owly has my broomstick.  I’ll teach him a lesson!

Frankincense ran in his house and threw his favorite pink blanket over his head.  I’ll get that Owly!

He ran back outside.  “WHOOoooooo took my broomstick?” said the little pink woozler ghostie.  “WHOOooooooooooo took my broomstick?”   

Owly saw a pink ghost racing around the woods below.  He heard the ghost say, “WHOOoooooo took my broomstick?”  

Owly got scared.  He knew he should NOT have taken the woozler’s broomstick. 

Owly flew back to Frankincense’s house really fast. 

“I’m sorry, Frankie,” he said.  “Here’s your broomstick.  I should NOT have taken it!”

“Thanks for bringing it back,” said the little woozler,   

Owly started to cry.  He felt so bad.  Frankincense felt bad too. 

No one should cry on Halloween! 

“Well, next time," said Frankincense, "ask me!  I’ll let you borrow it.” 

“Okay,” sniffed Owly.

“Would you like some pumpkin pie?” asked Frankincense.

“Sure,” said Owly as he wiped his beak.   

So Owly and Frankincense had some pie. 

“Want to go for a ride across the moon?” asked the little woozler. 

“That would be a hoot!” said Owly.  So Owly and Frankincense went for a ride across the moon on the little handmade broom.  

It was a very special Halloween night for the new forest friends.