Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Here's a little Fall Faerie Fun!

Fall Faeries are about, you know
Photos & Tale by Rhonda Paglia 
Some "Grammy Pags" fun

Fall Faeries are about, you know 
So tread softly

Faeries hear your thoughts 
They read your steps
And watch when you pass by

Fairy Art by Margaret W. Tarrant (1888 - 1959)

Fall Faeries are about, right now

There's one - peeking at you 
See, right there, underneath those leaves

And look ~ there's another one
She's weaving a crown of daisies

Up in the air ~ look ~ he's flying 
Riding the wind on a milkweed feather

If you are out and about

If you see one ~ or even if you don't
Send a wish when you pass by
You'll get one back
Fall Faeries are about, you know


I love Fairy Folk!  Some of my favorite fairy books are byauthor / illustrator 
 Cicely Mary Barker . 
And - I just discovered the wonderful fairy world of British author / illustrator, 
Margaret W. Tarrant!
Happy Autumn everyone!!
Love from Grammy Pags Stories