Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 - Grateful for Aviva Gittle Publishing & "Gittle Top 10 List!"

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Hi Everyone!

Today, I'm grateful for Aviva Gittle Publishing and the Gittle Top 10 Indie Children's Book Author's List.  

From "Grammy's Rockin' Color Rap-a-lcious Rap"

It's not easy being an "Indie Author," but folks like Aviva Gittle, and Inkspoke's Nelson Suit, are giving Indie Children's Book Authors opportunities to be recognized and appreciated. I am so grateful, and humbled that my children's story, Grammy's Rockin' Color Rap-a-lcious Rap was one of 10 independent authors to earn a 2015 Gittle List Award.  Thank you Aviva Gittle Publishing! You are so rockin'! 

Nicole Resele, illustrator
Grammy's Rockin' Color
Rap-a-licious Rap

I also want to thank Nicole Resele
the talented illustrator, who brought this funny little
 rhyme / rap to life with her adorable, 
humorous illustrations.  

"Grammy's Color Rap" on Amazon
More about Nikki:  Nikki is an educator and recently earned her master's degree in special education. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two kitties. She loves reading, photography, and spending time with her family, but drawing is her life-long passion and hobby. Nicole says, "It was a great honor to create this book with Mrs. Paglia, who was my former 4th grade teacher, and a dream come true to illustrate my first  children's book,  Grammy's Rockin' Color Rap-a-licous Rap .   

More about Aviva Gittle and "the Gittle List" ~ "Each year, the goal of The Gittle List is to find 10 great indie children’s picture books out of the thousands self-published.  Please check out all the the 2015 Gittle Top 10 List of Indie Children's Books.

Aviva Gittle of Gittle Publishing

AVIVA'S BOOK REVIEW:  #9 Grammy’s Rockin’ Color Rap-a-licious Rap, written by Rhonda Paglia and illustrated by Nicole Resele, is a fun way to teach children colors. Actually, it’s an hilarious way that the adults will enjoy as much as the kids. Indie author Rhonda Paglia starts off by teaching you the “BOOM Shee-boom-boom” beat. This should be especially fun for grandparents reading to their grandchildren. Nothing looks sillier to a 4-year-old than their granny or grampy “shee-boom-booming” their way through a book. Be sure to add a little shoulder shakin’ and pump up the volume. The learning continues with activities that ask children to “help grammy” by, for example, circling all the red things they see in a picture or matching all the rhyming pictures and words. Artist Nicole Resele clearly had a lot of fun creating grammy’s colorful outfits. A big step up from the standard (and boring) “yellow banana” “purple grape” books. A perfectly fine way to teach kids their colors, but not nearly as entertaining as Grammy’s Rockin’ Color Rap-a-licious Rap

Aviva Gittle writes and publishes children’s stories in English and Spanish. Her books are filled with beautiful illustrations from artists around the world. You can now order prints and mugs from all of theKitten and Friends booksNana books, and more! Each year, Aviva runsThe Gittle List contest to support her fellow indie authors. Oh, she also loves children’s picture books and is always on the lookout for great ones. The 2016 Gittle List submission guidelines are due out in January. Follow @AvivaGittle and signup for Gittle News to be the first to know when they are posted.