Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Woozler - from Sofie, Meeda, and Woozlerpedia

The Woozler
Do you have a Woozler in 
YOUR backyard?
WE do! From Sofia Margaret and Meeda
Dear Friends, 
We've got a Woozler
in our backyard!
This is a Woozler warning from me and Meeda.  If a woozler moves into your backyard, good luck!    
This story,  "The Woozler," is about our first encounter with the REAL Woozler.  He moved into our backyard - and he's still there!  He's our Woozler now.  We want to be his friend, but it's not easy.  Woozlers are kind of grouchy.  We think cookies, or chocolate, might help. 
Very sincerely, your friendly friends, Sofia Margaret and Meeda

PS - Below are some very nice reviews for our story, The Woozler .   

P.P.S.  We wanted to find out more about our Woozler, so we did some RESEARCH!  Here is some of what we found out!

What's a Woozler - defined by Woozlerpedia
Woozler:  pronounced Woooo-zler
Definition:  Woozlers are wild, human-like creatures.  Many have bright orange hair.  They inhabit forests and prefer to live in holes.  They have long claws for digging.  Their primary food source is root vegetables.  When available, Woozlers prefer human food, especially spaghetti and cookies, over roots and grains that are available in the woods. Woozlers are also VERY fond of chocolate. 
Habits:  When woozlers reach running age, they run away from home.  It's what Woozlers do. They prefer to live alone.  Most woozlers are nocturnal - they sleep all day and play all night.  However, depending on the climate and time zone, some woozlers have been spotted during daylight hours. 

Format: Paperback
I read this book to my children who enjoyed seeing
what the Woozler was going to do next. The
Woozler's character is just the right kind of silly
and grumpy, which makes it an entertaining
character. The kindness that Sofie and Meeda
show to him by offering cookies in spite of the
Woozler's grumbles is a great lesson for kids.
Showing kindness and compassion for others is
a lesson I feel is lost in our society today, and
instilling such lessons in our children is of utmost
importance. My toddler also loved pointing out the cookies,
blanket, and Spidermonk.

Format: Kindle Edition
I started reading this at bedtime for my 8 and 5 year old the other night.
My daughter grabbed the tablet half way through reading this
story as she felt I wasn't reading it fast enough.  It's a charming
story with fun characters that children will find captivating
and entertaining. There's a wonderful lesson about sharing and 
caring that's weaved into the fabric of the story amidst the
shenanigans taking place.  Definitely a worthy addition to
your loved ones library.

By Ron Shaw on December 10, 2014
Format: Paperback
Read this wonderful book this afternoon. I was so
impressed by the story. messages, and art that I phoned a cartoonist/writer
friend and read it to him over the phone with complete descriptions of the
illustrations. This is a lovely book. The Woozler is an adorable, non-scary
character that is soon to be a friend of the girls... I think.

Format: Paperback
Intriguing character! The grandchildren were eager to know what was going to happen next! 
We like how there are always activities at the end of the book. They could not wait to start 
drawing their own treasure maps! I hope there is another Meeda and Me story coming soon!