Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy World Read Aloud Day: Here are some of Grammy Pags favorite read aloud stories!

There are so many wonderful read aloud picture books to choose from, 
so this is just a small list of my favorites in NO particular order.
I love to use voices when I read, so many of these stories
allow me to become the various characters!
Enjoy my list!  

Favorite read alouds by Sandra Boynton

Favorite read aloud chapter books and / or chapter book series

These are a few of my FAVORITE INDIE AUTHOR books
 - my grandchildren LOVE these stories.

And finally, I'm an author, and I really like my own stories, 
so I can't help but add my own books.  
I LOVE to read them aloud to my grandchildren and other kids!!  
I hope you and your kids enjoy them too!!