Thursday, February 18, 2016

Here's a Peek! New character - New story - from Grammy Pags Stories!!

Nibbles McGibbles 
Here's a peek at a new Grammy Pags Stories character. You are the first ones to see him!  His name is "Nibbles McGibbles."  He has been created by the talented illustrator, Ratna Kusuma Halim of Indonesia.   

The new Grammy Pags Gnomes story will be released in the fall of 2016!  The working title is "Three Little Gnomes and Nibbles McGibbles."  So WHO is Nibbles McGibbles?  WHAT does he have to do with the three little gnomes?  WHERE does he live?  WHY is he in this story? All will be revealed in the new children's story to be released this fall, 2016.  

<3 Grammy Pags

If you want to check out story #1 - here's the link: 
Three Little Gnomes and a Boy Named Orion

Three Little Gnomes and a Boy Named Orion

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