Thursday, April 24, 2014

It's a BOOK BIRTH!! The Gnomes have arrived!!

Three Little Gnomes 
and a Boy Named Orion 

Written by Rhonda Paglia
Illustrated by Ratna Kusuma Halim

Our Book Birthed - tonight on Amazon and CreateSpace!

Three little gnomes live and work in Grammy's beautiful garden.  One day they realize they have a BIG . . . gnome-sized problem.  They scurry around the garden looking for the answer. No luck!  They ask their garden friends for help, but they don’t know the answer either. What should the gnomes do?  Who will help them?  Read, "Three Little Gnomes and a Boy Named Orion" and find out!

68 pages, over 40 colorful illustrations
Reading level:  Grades 2 - 3
Interest level: ages 3+

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Rhonda Paglia is a retired elementary and gifted support teacher from Pennsylvania. She is the author of 4 children’s books.  

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