Thursday, April 10, 2014

Learning to Read - Tip #3

If you and your child have created a story, as recommended in Tip #2, here is what to do next:

#1 - Purchase or make some flash cards.  3" x 5" index cards work great!  
#2 - Choose one sentence from your child's story.  
#3 - Print each word from the sentence on an index card - one word per card.  For example, if your child's sentence is, "I have a cat named Tippy," place the word "I" on one card, "have" on another card, "a" on a card, "cat" on another, etc.  For this sentence, you will end up with 6 vocabulary cards from one sentence. 
#4 - Practice pointing at each letter and sounding out each word.  
#5 - Play a flash card game with your child.  When your child is ready, flash the words to them, and every word your child recognizes, they get to keep the card.
#6 - Lay the cards out in a different order.  For example: "I have Tippy."
#7 - When you start to do this exercise, you will be surprised and amazed that your child will want you to write additional words on cards.  Example: "My" cat "is" named Tippy. Or "Tippy "is my" cat.
#8 - Continue to add words to your flash card stack.


It works and you will be amazed!  
Rhonda "Grammy Pags" Paglia
Rhonda Paglia is a retired elementary 
and gifted support teacher from Hermitage, PA. 
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